Best Colour Prediction Games Apps and Websites

Playing games and making money from colour prediction games apps has become very popular among today’s youth. There are many apps and websites that pay you a good amount of money for just playing games on their platform. But it doesn’t end here, players don’t just have to play games but also win them in order to win all the money. After winning, it’s their call to leave the game or continue.

It is very important to look for the platforms that are verified for playing colour prediction games and genuinely pay you money for winning. So, here are some of the best listed apps and websites you can consider playing games on.

Colour Prediction Game: What is it?

Colour Prediction Game: What is it?

As the name colour prediction game itself suggests, this is a game in which players need to predict the right combination of colour that will appear in the outcome of the random event in order to win the event. There are many events that take place, and winning each event adds a point to your account.

Players first need to deposit money and then start predicting colour combinations that they think will appear in the outcome. Then the event starts, and if the players chose the correct colour combination then he/she wins and gets to take all the money. 

List of Colour Prediction Games in 2024

List of Colour Prediction Games in 2024

Now, as you all are clear enough and know what colour prediction game is and how to play and earn from this game then let’s talk about the best platforms to play colour prediction games.

1. Daman Games

Daman Games

Daman games is one of the best colour prediction apps. With a very user-friendly interface and compatibility with a variety of devices, daman games platform has become popular among youth. Players just have to create their account and start playing after downloading the daman game. You can start predicting colours with a minimum amount of 1 rupee in your account. Isn’t it amazing? Also, this platform provides you with 24/7 customer service. You can also participate in random events that occur every 2 months and earn a good amount of money.

2. VClub


With VClub, you get paid or you can say rewarded for guessing the right colour combination. Whatever amount you earn, you can withdraw it as soon as you leave the game using paytm. Also there is this one thing you can do on this platform is, if you refer this to your friends and they recharge their wallet, then you get commission for that.

3. Mantrimall


Another money making platform is Mantri mall which includes colour prediction.This platform also has refer and earn option through which you can refer this to your friends or family and if they recharge their wallet or play the game using money, then you get a bonus based on that. And if the friends whom you made recharge their wallet refer to their friends too and their friends recharge their account then you will also get a bonus. So, just download this application on devices and earn quickly.

4. Zeus989


Zeus989 has one of the best referral-and-earning programs available in the market. You can refer your friends, and if they recharge their wallets or add money to their accounts, then as a bonus or commission, you will get INR 50. And the chain goes like this, if your recommended friends refer to their friends and they add money to their account, then also you will get a bonus for their gameplay.


As we are talking about the platforms on which we can play colour prediction games, so all these platforms mentioned above are best. Some have a very low minimum limit of depositing money, but some have a high minimum limit. So, it depends on players, considering their budget and all the things mentioned above, you can choose the ideal platform for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which colour prediction game is legal in India?

Ans. VClub is the colour prediction game that has been authorized and legal in India. The players can earn money by predicting colours and then after winning withdraw their money through paytm.

Q2. Are colour prediction games safe to play?

Ans. It depends on the platforms. You need to choose a safe and secure platform for your safety. Daman games, Mantri mall, Zeus989 and above mentioned are the best platforms and are safe to play.

Q3. How to earn money from colour prediction games?

Ans. You have to sign up on any platform, and recharge your wallet and play a game. The game requires a certain amount of payment and after it, you start predicting colour combinations. If the colour you have chosen appears in the outcome of the event then you win the event.

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